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Adaptation Services

This is part of the programme of "Community Support Service for VIPs and Their Families". The programme is funded by the Social Welfare Department, and is to run since 2015. For details, please refer to the programme pamphlet (Chinese version only) (Image / Text)。


Newly visually impaired persons would find it difficult to accept eye-sight deterioration, they would feel helpless and lose confidence. During this period, care, encouragement and relevant emotional support, life-skill training as well as community resources referral are very important in helping them to overcome the obstacles arising from visual impairment, to rebuild confidence and integrate into the community.

Service target

  • newly visually impaired (totally or partially visually impaired) persons aged at least 15
  • visually impaired persons unable to adjust to living with visually impairment on account of vision deterioration over a period not exceeding 5 years
  • The applicant must be a Hong  Kong Identity Card holder and living in Hong Kong

Scope of service

  • case counselling
  • home visit and telephone support
  • life-skills training (includes Braille, computer training, use of cane, mobility training, community orientation)
  • sharing given by other visually impaired peers; and

Service content

  • providing needy people with various services, such as sharing given by other visually impaired persons, life-skills and mobility training as well as community orientation;
  • arranging professional social workers to provide emotional support and community resources referral to newly visually impaired persons and their family members.
  • free of charge

How to apply

  • please make application by calling 27600100; or
  • complete the application form (Chinese version only),and fax it to 27621635, or email it to mail it to our Services Centre; or
  • referrals by agencies.