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Recreational Activities

Social & recreational activities

To broaden visually impaired persons' circle of daily life, the Services Centre regularly organizes different social and recreational activities, such as local outings, trips to places outside Hong Kong, continuous study programmes, activities of culture, arts and district-familization, sports, banquets, and day camps. All these are to enrich the leisure time of the visually impaired, and enable them to have more fun.

Group activities

The Centre also regularly organizes group activities, such as Chinese music group, karaoke group, card game group, and leisure & fun group, to bring visually impaired persons together to develop their potentials and widen their social circle. To make people in the community better understand the visually impaired, some groups even organize community services.

District-based activities

In addition, the Services Centre promotes a community-based service concept to strengthen the links among members, and the community support network, bringing their services into the community. The whole of Hong Kong is divided into five districts, namely, New Territories West, New Territories East, Kowloon West, Kowloon East and Hong Kong Island. There are all sorts of activities, such as banquets, shopping, district-familization and visits.

Elderly services

To formulate long-term guidelines on serving seniors, the Centre regularly gets in touch with visually impaired senior members having relatively little participation in activities to find out how they are doing. To address the issue that some senior members may not know about changes in community resources and support network, the Centre will instantly introduce to them organizations and relevant services available in the community to help them access the appropriate support and assistance.


Service Center
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