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Support Project for Visually Impaired Students

With funding from the Community Chest, the Jockey Club Vocational and Educational Resources Centre runs the Support Project for Visually Impaired Students, and the aims are:

  • to foster positive and whole-person development of visually impaired (VI) students
  • to assist VI students to adapt to the inclusive education in mainstream schools
  • to promote the integration of VI students into the society
  • to support VI students' parents, teachers and social workers

Scope of services:

  • 1 on 1 tutoring: arrange voluntary tutors to offer 1 on 1 tutoring according to the districts where the VI students reside and their study requirements
  • diversified developmental activities: To help VI young persons' personal growth, diversified activities of personal growth experience are held. Themes include outdoor activities, sports, handicrafts, hobbies, festival celebrations, district-familization, and reading sharing
  • integrated campus and community education: Talks on integrated campus are given at main stream schools to promote the awareness about integration on campus and help teachers and students better understand VI student' needs. At the same time, on-line programmes on integrated education are produced to make it possible for members of the public to be aware of information about integrated education
  • consultation service is provided to teachers and social workers of main stream schools so as to make joint efforts to make improvement to VI students' participation in integrated education
  • support and assistance for VI children and their parents: Support and assistance are given to visually impaired children's parents and care-providers to foster VI children' overall and comprehensive development
  • attention is given to the rights and social policies in respect of VI persons, especially topics about VI persons' education, employment and the right to read. In order that representations can be made to the departments or bodies concerned and follow-up actions taken, views are periodically collected from visually impaired persons and their families

One-on-one district-based homework tutoring support servicesSupport for parentsTalks on "inclusive campus"

Personal growth experiential activities

The Centre puts much emphasis on visually impaired persons’ development, and makes available a range of hand-on experience activities in the hope of fostering clients' physical and mental growth. Services include:

  1. continuous education: various study courses are held to enrich students with diversified knowledge and encourage members to engage in life-long learning
  2. education funds : Li Chu Shuk-kwan Education Fund and Lee Bing Vocal Music Development Fund are offered to honour VI young persons showing outstanding academic performances or singing talent.
  3. international exchanges: arrangements are made for local VI young persons to take part in international meetings or exchange activities to strengthen their international vision and foster among them a sense of global citizenship, namely, keeping a footing in Hong Kong whilst casting vision abroad

leadership training for visually impaired youthpersonal growth experiential activities

Education for People with Visual Impairment in China

Blind Union established the "Education Fund for People with Visual Impairment in China" in 1999, aiming to assist and support children with visual impairment in China who have financial difficulties, and to offer them an opportunity to receive education despite their poverty. We also promote the importance of the education to children with visual impairment in China, in order to provide them an opportunity to receive equal opportunities in education, and allow them to grow and develop to their full potential and contribute to the society.

Besides grants are made available to support and assist visually impaired persons in China for them to participate in education, seminars and learning activities featuring hand-on experience are also held in Hong Kong to promote the development of integrated education in China.

support for visually impaired students in China


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