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This is part of the programme of "Community Support Service for VIPs and Their Families". The programme is funded by the Social Welfare Department, and is to run since 2015. For details, please refer to the programme pamphlet (Chinese version only) (Image / Text)。

Carers support programme


Assistance is given to those taking care of visually impaired family-members to help them adjust to pressure caused by changes in the family. Also, through case work, mutual support groups, community education and talks, the public and care-providers are made to better understand the visually impaired, and support network set up.

Service target

  • family members and carers of visually impaired persons; and
  • individuals who are interested in understanding of or providing assistance to visually impaired persons

Scope of service

  • case counseling and emotional support
  • professional consultation and referrals;
  • mutual support groups and activities
  • seminars and workshop

Life environment adaptation programme


Visually impaired persons have to overcome many obstacles brought about by visual impairment, and at the same time they may come across many changes in their daily lives, for example, housing estates redevelopment, flat transfers or changes in the situation of their family members. Appropriate support services are exceptionally important in helping them get used to these changes and integrate into the community.

Service target

Visually impaired persons may need to make adjustments or learn from the start for reasons such as home moving, employment changes, family changes, or getting new mobile phones

Scope of service

  • Orientation & Mobility Training
  • community orientation
  • learning mobile phone skills
  • instructors reach out to provide services

Escort service


Provide escort service for visually impaired persons who lack community support to handle temporary personal needs so to sustain their independent living in the community.

Service target

Priorities are given to the following applicants:

  • persons with newly diagnosed visual impairment
  • visually impaired persons who lack support network (e.g. living alone or family members are also visually impaired)
  • visually impaired persons who are waiting for or not receiving Integrated Home Care Service

Scope of service

  • escort to attend medical appointments
  • accompany for handling personal business and shopping
  • other community support service

Service charge  

  • Please contact us for more details.

How to apply

  • please make application by calling 27600100
  • complete the application form (Chinese version only) and fax it to 27621635; or email it to; or mail it to our Service Center; or
  • referrals by agencies