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Service Units

There are five units in the Union to provide comprehensive services to visually impaired persons in Hong Kong. They are the Head Office, Jockey Club Vocational and Educational Resources Centre, Services Centre, Accessible Digital Technology Centre & Accessible Service Office.

Head Office

The work of the Head Office includes members' affairs, rights advocacy, human resources, financial management, external relations and communications. Its aim is to carry out the mission of Hong Kong Blind Union and strive for the rights of visually impaired persons (VIPs).

Services Centre

The scope of work of the Services Centre is closely related to the life of visually impaired persons (VIPS), including recreational, sports and cultural activities, life adaptation and services for the newly blind. The objectives are to help them live independently and enable them to integrate into the community.

Jockey Club Vocational and Educational Resources Centre

The scope of work of the Jockey Club Vocational and Educational Resources Centre (VERC) includes advocating equal opportunities in education and employment for VIPs, helping them to deal with problems in study and work, and enhancing their personal growth and development.

Accessible Digital Technology Centre

The Accessible Digital Technology Centre aims at improving daily lives of visually impaired persons (VIPs) with the use of technology. Our work scope includes the development of assistive aids, technical support and training, promotion of accessible technology design and application, and provision of support and consultancy services to organisations and needy individuals.

Accessibility Services Office

Implementing social enterprise services, the Jockey Club E-Learning For All project and Jockey Club Sports Programmes with Audio-description Service to improve community accessibilities as well as provide various kinds of supportive services for people in need.


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