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Message from the President

Mr Wong Chun-hang, Billy

Almost 60 years ago, Hong Kong Blind Union started off as an organisation focusing on social activities and support networks for the visually impaired. Today, we fight hard to secure equal rights and opportunities and to ensure all people with visual impairment are treated with respect as individuals, backed by the joint efforts of our visually impaired friends from generation to generation. We also explore unceasingly new directions for services and promote the participation of visually impaired persons in different spheres of the society, looking to collaborate with various sectors and the community at large to foster social inclusion in Hong Kong.


In the past few years, we have made remarkable progress and breakthroughs in the various aspects of our services with the roll-out of new technology initiatives, audio-description services for sports events and professional music training programmes. Apart from organising social and recreational activities, we continue to proactively offer support services to students for education and employment pursuits and to those recently diagnosed with visual impairment amid the pandemic. A big thank-you to all our stakeholders as none of this would have been possible without the collaborative efforts of our members, staff and volunteer team, in tandem with all sorts of support of the public.


The opening of our first physical social enterprise Yau Café and the launch of our GATE brand have turned a new page in our social enterprise chapter. With the continuous support of all sectors of the community, we believe we can create more job opportunities for the visually impaired and build a better, barrier-free society.


We welcome the new-term Executive Committee on 29 August 2021 picking up the baton that's handed to them by their predecessors. The many new faces and the all-new key management team are all set to bring in fresh perspectives and chart our way forward, while numerous seasoned committee members share their valuable experience and assist the new ones in taking up such challenging responsibilities. We hope all Blind Union members, staff members, volunteers and the general public will show support to this new team in promoting self-help and mutual-help of the visually impaired through the various platforms offered by Blind Union, assisting them to bring their talents to full play in different arenas and thus making known to the public the ability and needs of people with visual impairment.


Today, Hong Kong is still facing many challenges and as members of the society, the visually impaired have the right and responsibility to participate in social affairs as citizens. Hong Kong Blind Union will continue to work as a partner with all visually impaired persons, their caregivers and all the individuals and organisations supporting them to live independently, making strides in ensuring the well-being of people with visual impairment.