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2021-2023 Executive Committee Members

We select our Executive Committee Members every two years at the Annual General Meeting through a democratic election. Our Executive Committee Members supervise, manage and promote the development of Blind Union. All Executive Committee members must be our full members, i.e. visually impaired persons. The list of the Executive Committee Members for the current year is as below:



Mr Wong Chun Hang Billy



  Billy Wong


Mr Chan Chi Kong Alex 





General Secretary

Mr Ng Ping Tung 




  Ng Ping Tung

Financial Secretary

Mr Ho Yui Chi       




  Ho Yui Chi

Committee Member

Mr Chong Chan Yau




 Chong Chan Yau

Committee Member

Mr Fan Chun Hung   




 Fan Chun Hung

Committee Member

Ms Tang Yuen Mei 




 Tang Yuen Mei

Committee Member

Mr Yim Chun On 





Yim Chun On

Committee Member

Mr Yuen Kin Ming   





Yuen Kin Ming

Committee Member

Mr Tse Yun Hang




Tse Yun Hang


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