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Braille Instant Translation and Editing (BRITE)

BRITE is a multi-functional Braille translation editing program that allows people to easily perform two-way instant translation between Braille and regular text. It provides a great convenience for people with visual impairment to read and write, hence helps them overcome the obstacles in learning, employment and daily communication.

Other Outstanding Features:

  • BRITE runs under common Windows platforms (Supports Windows 10, minium requirement is Windows 7)
  • two-way instant translation between Braille and regular text supporting both Chinese and English Braille
  • Braille editing, proof-reading, file saving and print functions
  • with user dictionary
  • can import and export documents in different encodings;
  • automatic Braille formatting;
  • good compatibility with different screen readers;
  • user-friendly designs for people with visual impairment.


The following people can apply for free version of BRITE:

1. Members of the Hong Kong Blind Union.  Each member can install it in one machine.

2. School registered under the "Jockey Club E-Learning For All Project”


Other people interested in this software can refer to

Assistive Software for Sale

Detailed Features and pricings (Chinese version only)

Version Update

In October 2019, a fixed BRITE version 2.3 released

Fixed Issue:

  • In Windows 7, BRITE no longer crashes when closing the program with NVDA running.

In December 2018, BRITE version 2.3 has new features.
New features include:

  • Main window supports height adjustment in Braille region and text region.
  • Support UEB (Unified English Braille) code.

In February 2014, BRITE updated version has new features. 
New features include:

  • Addition of more commonly used words, making the translation results more accurate than before.
  • Addition of "vocabulary highlighting mode”, using color to represent the translation mode of each vocabulary.
  • Addition of "Open Recent Files” menu, listing out the recently accessed documents.
  • Under the "Format” menu, adding a "Clear Format” option.


Thanks to the sponsorship of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, for the new version which supports Windows 10.

For enquiry, please contact our staff at the Accessible Digital Technology Center at 27095559 during opening hours.


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