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Following the release of The Braille Instant Translation and Editing utility (BRITE) for Cantonese earlier, the Hong Kong Blind Union received many positive feedbacks on the utility from users. In view of the launching of Putonghua studies by the Hong Kong government in primary and secondary schools over the recent years, we release another utility, named Putonghua BRITE (P-BRITE), aiming at empowering students with print disabilities in learning Putonghua. We also hope that it will facilitate the concerned teachers and parents in preparing the subject teaching materials.

A brief introduction on P-BRITE’s functions and features is given as follows:

  • File editing
    It allows users to create new files, open existing files and conduct editing.
  • Instant Translation
    Upon user editing a file in PinYin, P-BRITE will instantly translate the content into ordinary Chinese text. Likewise, P-BRITE can conduct translation in the reverse direction. In addition, it supports english braille, including both grade 1 and grade 2 braille.
  • Two-in-one File Versions
    When the user finishes editing, P-BRITE will save both the PinYin and ordinary text versions in one single file.
  • File Formatting
    The utility will format file according to user settings, such as number of characters in a line, number of lines in a page, presentation of page numbering, and etc. It also supports left/right line justification and centering.
  • User Dictionary
    The utility allows users to customize their own user dictionary for enhancing translation accuracy.
  • User-friendly Design
    P-BRITE not only supports a wide range of screen readers, its built-in hot keys and audio cues greatly facilitate users in conducting the utility operations.
  • File Encoding
    It comes with file import and export functions, and supports Big 5, GB and Unicode encodings.
  • Braille Print
    The utility can output file to a Braille embosser for producing hardcopy, which allows visually impaired users to conveniently read, store and carry along documents.

P-BRITE programs now have an updated version. Apart from bug fixing, the new version has also added many new features. 

New features include:

  • Addition of more commonly used words, making the translation results more accurate than before.
  • Addition of "vocabulary highlighting mode”, using color to represent the translation mode of each vocabulary.
  • Addition of "Open Recent Files” menu, listing out the recently accessed documents.
  • Under the "Format” menu, adding a "Clear Format” option.
  • The program can now be executed on Windows 8 systems.

P-BRITE is free for use by any organisations, or individuals. We welcome you to download, install and try out the utility. We also hope that you can provide us with your valuable opinions.


We express thanks to Quality Education Fund in providing us with the sponsorship which helped development of P-BRITE a success.

Thanks to the sponsorship of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, new version which supports Windows 8 was released.

Download (Putonghua BRITE) 2022/10Version

Please provide us with your contact information, so that we can send emails on the latest news about (Putonghua BRITE) to you on a regular basis.

Software Usage Agreement:

Thank you for using Putonghua BRITE (hereafter referred as the software)

The software is developed by the Hong Kong Blind Union. The software copyright is wholly owned by the union and By downloading, installing and/or using the software, you agree to observe the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, you are not licensed to install the Application.

  1. The software is free to use by any individual and organization.
  2. For organization users, prior to before installing MathCast, please wait until you have received the approval notice email after submitting the application. All information collected will be for record keeping use only.
  3. No duplication and/or distribution of the software to other party is allowed unless permission has been obtained from the Union.
  4. For any enquiries on the software, please email to




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