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Tips to Get Along with Visually Impaired Persons

  1. Speak to them directly, instead of making use of eye contact or gestures.
  2. No need to avoid using words like "see” or "look”
  3. When meeting a VIP, introduce yourself first and those who are with you so that he or she knows who is talking to.
  4. In case you want to leave your conversation with a VIP for the moment, do first tell him or her about your leaving.
  5. You may understand their needs first before offering help.
  6. Keep the passage and door area free from obstruction and tell them any changes about the location of objects.
  7. The proper way to help them be seated is to put their hand on the back of a chair so that they know where the seat is.
  8. When walking with them, let them hold your elbow or shoulder.
  9. When showing them directions or locations, avoid using expressions like "this way” or "that way”, and use expressions like "on the left” or "on the right” or clock direction instead.
  10. For other scenarios, put yourself in the shoes of a VIP and keep in mind the principles of social inclusion, then you can enjoy a joyful interaction with them.

Download "Tips about interacting with VIPs" leaflet (PDF version) (3MB)